Teruo Fuchigami

Wood Sculpture 木彫刻



1967 Born in Kumamoto / Japan

1985 Kumamoto Prefectural Daini High School art course

1992 Graduated from fine art course,Tokyo School of Arts


●Solo Exhibitions

1990 Nagatani Gallery / Tokyo

1992 Guardian Garden / Tokyo , Gallery K / Tokyo

1994 Tokiwa Gallery / Tokyo , Gallery K / Tokyo

1996 Gallery K / Tokyo

1997 Gallery K / Tokyo

2004 Guardian Garden / Tokyo


●Group Exhibitions

1994,1996 Selected New Artists in Yamanashi / Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art. / e.t.c



The Dogon tribe of Africa call themselves the people of the universe. It seems this doesn't mean people who came from outer space as much as space people in the sense of living creatures who have lived in accord with the universe. Of course the concept is probably related to the idea of thinking universally (with a broad perspective). Compared to this,how narrow are the bounds within which the people we refer to as contemporary man are able to perceive time and space. Unable are we to shed the curses of war,pollution, discrimination. Why aren't we able to live in harmony with the environment as it is now. Surely it is a problem of the way we think and the state of mind we choose to live with. It is also a question of understanding the balance of "life=universe" and, more than anything ,placing importance on living in harmony with all in this universe. My works are a "Primeval Tower" and I want them to stand as a universe that exists as a single life environment, I also want them to be objects that unite the body and mind, or unite human beings with the universe of time.                                           Teruo Fuchigami

Teruo Fuchigami /Wood Sculpture

1992 Guardian Garden/Tokyo

1994 TOKIWA Gallery/Tokyo

1994 Gallery K/Tokyo

1996 Gallery K/Tokyo

1997 Gallery K/Tokyo

10画廊からの発言 新世代への視点1997

Statment from Galleries ・Focusing on new generation in Tokyo 1997

2004 Guardian Garden/Tokyo

1996 Selected New Artists in Yamanashi / Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art